Exchange 2013 CU9 Upgrade Issues

Earlier this morning I had to upgrade Exchange Server 2013 to CU9, The exchange upgrade Failed with the following error:
Start-SetupProcess -Name “iisreset” -Args “/noforce /timeout:120”
Process execution failed with exit code 1052

Microsoft states that you need to have your servers Powershell excution policy set to “Unrestrictive” before running the upgrade.  I did set the execution policy to “Unrestrictive” using the following command from an Administrative Powershell console:
set-executionpolicy “Unrestrictive”
However, my execution policy reverted back to “RemoteSigned” after running the first part of the upgrade GUI installer.  I therefor attempted to create a GPO that forces the executionpolicy to “Unrestrictive” so I would not have to run this command before every upgrade. However, the exchange pre-req analysis will complain that GPO is setting the executionpolicy.  You therefor have to set the GPO to “Not Configured” which negates the use of creating the GPO in the first place.
I found that simply running the command: set-executionpolicy “Unrestrictive” multiple times during the install will fix the installation issue. Maybe someone at Microsoft or someone smarter than me can tell us what the appropriate solution might be. Thanks!

About Parker Jardine

Manager of Systems Administration in the Information Technology Higher Education space. I enjoy biking, climbing, hockey, camping, mountaineering, hunting, paragliding, and just being outdoors. You can read my Make Magazine project articles about a diy solar panel and solar systems design in volumes 12 and 14.
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