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Manager of Systems Administration in the Information Technology Higher Education space. I enjoy biking, climbing, hockey, camping, mountaineering, hunting, paragliding, and just being outdoors. You can read my Make Magazine project articles about a diy solar panel and solar systems design in volumes 12 and 14.

Office 365 / Exchange Hybrid Security Issue

I have recently determined a major security issue related to deleted mailboxes in an Office 365 Hybrid environment. Our former decommission process for accounts was to allow Office 365 to delete the mailboxes of “Former” users no longer at the … Continue reading

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New Active Directory Replication Status Tool

It’s that time of the year for another Exchange 2013 CU upgrade.  Usually the first part of the upgrade process is to check to see if you need to extend the AD schema etc. Before I extend the schema I … Continue reading

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RHEL7 extend a LVM managed XFS File System

Most virtualization/linux administrators will have to continually expand certain virtual disks from time to time to increase free space.  Here is my simple step-by-step procedure to expand these volumes.  This process assumes that the volume you want to expand is … Continue reading

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Office 365 Mailbox Migration – RemoteRoutingAddress Issues

I recently started an Office 365 Exchange migration batch job with several thousand mailboxes.  The migration of the mailboxes was working just fine, but we heard  reports of bounced messages to a few migrated mailboxes. Remote Server returned ‘554 5.4.6 … Continue reading

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Office 365 Hybrid Check List

Implementing Office 365 is not easy for an a large organization. Here is a current summary of the issues that I have had to deal with in order to get from point A to point B. This will most certainly … Continue reading

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Silent OWA Redirection for Exchange 2013 / Office 365 Hybrid

If you have Exchange 2013 on-premise and configured in hybrid mode with office 365, users with office 365 mailboxes who login to the on-premise Exchange owa website receive a static link that they must click on manually. Steve Goodman’s post … Continue reading

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Exchange 2013 Monitoring Health Mailboxes Growing Out of Control

Exchange 2013 Monitoring mailboxes do not have a set quota.  What you may find is that there are several thousand items in each of these mailboxes. I currently have 16 mailbox databases, with 2 health mailboxes per database.  I was … Continue reading

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Exchange 2013 CU9 Upgrade Issues

Earlier this morning I had to upgrade Exchange Server 2013 to CU9, The exchange upgrade Failed with the following error: Start-SetupProcess -Name “iisreset” -Args “/noforce /timeout:120” Process execution failed with exit code 1052 ​​SMLXL Microsoft states that you need to … Continue reading

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LDAPS certificate process

If you ever need to create a CA signed certificate for active directory, follow this procedure for each domain controller. #Create a file called request.inf in the c:\temp directory ;—————– request.inf —————– [Version] Signature=”$Windows NT$ [NewRequest] Subject= “CN=yourFQDN, OU=YourCompany, O=YourDepartment, … Continue reading

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Exchange 2013 – Public Mailbox Size Increase

If you have an instance where you want to increase a public mailbox in Exchange 2013, follow these directions: 1. Determine which mailbox needs to be increased. 2. Get-Mailbox -PublicFolder -Identity Mailbox1 | fl prohibitsendquota 3. Now we will go … Continue reading

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